2020 SUBW Canyoning Badge



Just before the virus issue shut everything down, the Committee decided we should come up with a Canyoning badge for this year  and we chose a very dark and foreboding design by Frances Feasey one of our talented canyoners and designers. We felt this design reflected the tough times experienced by everyone who loves the bush and couldn’t get out over summer with the bush fires and now the virus. The badges have now arrived and are available to financial members of the club on a first come basis. We have only ordered a limited number of badges and once they are taken there won’t be another issue so get in quick if you’d like one. This is the third Canyoning badge we have produced. They look great sewn onto a pack.

Given the restrictions and closures, the best way to get a badge is to send me an email to martynfrappell@gmail.com and I will send you back instructions/postage etc.