About SUBW

The Sydney University Bushwalkers (SUBW) are a volunteer run bushwalking club at the university of Sydney. Most of our members are either current or former students, the club is open to all. We welcome everyone who is young by heart and shares our enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Most of our trips are within a couple hours of Sydney, such as the Royal National Park in the South, the Great North Walk in the North and of course most importantly the Blue Mountains in the West. Some trips also go further afield such as the Snowy Mountains, Tasmania or even as far as Alaska.

Our trips cover a broad spectrum of walks, from beginner trips to very advanced adventures. Which walks are offered at what time depends entirely on our trip leaders who are experienced members of the club, but usually there are trips run on almost every weekend of the year, including the summer break and holiday season.

Beginner bushwalks are typically day-walks that are on a well formed track. But many of our walks also involve walking on rough terrain and camping overnight. Many members of the club also enjoy canyoning, especially during summer. In winter there are often ski trips to the Snowy Mountains.

For more information about the trips we run, have a look at our walks calendar or browse through the trip reports of past adventures. If you are interested in joining the club, you are welcome to do so today.