Lindeman Pass

With Fiona bailing out due to too much Saturday night action, the four of us met up on the train to Wentworth Falls where where we started our walk. The first leg of our trip was following down Jamison Creek all the way from the station to the magnificent Wentworth Falls and further down the Slack Stairs and the old Hippocrene Falls track. We left ample time to watch and photograph the stunning waterfalls and finally settled at the Hippocrene Falls for an early lunch and some of us went for a cold swim, too.


This very belated trip report is for completeness of the record, and was a (P)BT as neither the President nor the Vice-President were in attendance! However, the Honorary Junior Vice-President, and a range of ex-presidents were there to help carry on the tradition. Apologies for any poor recollection!