Beginners’ Navigation Weekend

The weather couldn’t have been better for this year’s navigation weekend! We were a bit late arriving at Bell due to the usual faff getting out of Sydney but by 10am we were away. Before we left the beginners learned how to cite a grid reference and how to orientate the map.

Long Gully Canyon & caving – Bungonia SCA

With a visitor from the States (Dale) in town, who in just a few short weeks has already seen some of the best Blue Mountains canyons, the hastily-made plan was to see a very different region and canyon. Plus, pack in a few caves and be back in Sydney for Mothers Day, what more could one want? Well, a good sized group is always nice and we were lucky to get David and Glen on board a day or so beforehand.

Ruined castle & Mt Solitary

We met together at the shops at North Side Strathfield Station, and waited a bit in case a couple of (eventual) no-shows appeared at the last minute*. While there we were approached by some other walkers who turned out to be participants in a walk organised by another group, “SPAM”, to Faulconbridge. We then headed off to Katoomba and Narrow Neck. On the way we stopped briefly at “Scenic World” (the home of the Scenic Railway) for ice cream and use of their loos. Then it was off down the steep grade of the Golden Stairs.