Tayan Peak

Tayan Peak is a prominent basalt peak on a complex plateau region in the northern Blue Mountains. The plateau is surrounded by private property, so permission from the local landowners is needed to gain access. A contact from my old school had a link with one of the properties adjoining this area and through this contact I was able to gain permission from the farmer to access this area. This provided a great opportunity for some bushwalking in a new area that no one on the trip had previously visited.

Royal NP

We had a bit of a bumpy start on Saturday morning… half of us arriving at the Royal NP at 8.30am and waiting for Sang’s car to show up… and waiting… and waiting… and then when we finally gave up waiting, they showed up!! There was some kind of long-winded excuse relating to sat nav and petrol… but we’re pretty sure they just slept in!! 😛