I made a last minute decision to go for a ski last weekend. The weather was clear, calm and fairly warm and the snow was powdery. Most of the ice from the long weekend is now covered (except maybe on the very tops) but the cover is pretty thin below 1800m. I went in from Guthega and had to walk halfway to the swing bridge before finding enough snow to (just) ski on. Another week or two and it should all be perfect:) Blue Lake is completely frozen and the ice climbs all look in good condition but not yet filled in by snow drifts, tho I didnt get up close.

Red Rocks

The weather during the week prior to the trip had been somewhat inclement – and after a stormy Friday in town – we decided to leave on Saturday morning instead of driving to Newnes on the Friday evening. It rained overnight and was still raining heavily on Saturday morning – so more phoning around and we left later (9:30am) rather than earlier. A phone call to Rik at Blackheath in the Blue Mts was not encouraging (“its bucketing down outside, grrrrr……) – he was not keen to join us on the walk. We had an early lunch in the Mt Vic servo as we watched the rain teem down outside. This was not encouraging either. Nevertheless, we decided to press on regardless.

Paddy Pallin 6 Hour rogaine

This trip was to compete in the annual ‘Paddy Pallin’ 6 hour rogaining event, run by the NSW rogaining association. I didn’t get a lot of interest from SUBW people wanting to compete so I’ll just tell you how much fun it was and how much you missed out on! You can see the results at All up about 650 people competed!

Night Mountain Biking: The Oaks Trail

We meet up at the Glenbrook rail commuter car park, noting that there were no other crazy mountain bikers willing to take the challenge that lay ahead of us. Considering this night was the first day of winter, we were surprised by the “relatively” warm air temperature by blueys standards.