Cedar Ck

My first visitation to Cedar Ck was earlier this year whilst on a training walk with Tom Murtagh for our upcoming New Zealand trip. On this walk we had dropped off Narrowneck Plateau, down Walls Pass and into Cedar Ck where, after heading dowstream for several kilometers, we happened upon what would have made some very fine camping spots. Clean deep pools of water, open flat grassy areas, and according to the map not too far from accessible fire trail. So, with this in mind I had hoped to return, on what should have been a fairly easy weekend walk with ample time for some swimming, bludging and enjoying the surroundings.

Mt Townsend to the Colo

We walked south from the carpark towards Mt Townsend, which was looming out of the fog, and into a cloudy, and at times humid, windy, cold, calm, warm and exhilarating day in the Colo wilderness.