Beginners’ Navigation Weekend

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(not quite canyoning), Hat Hill Creek

It was decidedly damp when we set off into the bush, but we decided to press on regardless. We picked our way down the ridge and into the creek, noting how high the water was. We eventually reached the first small drop, finding powerful currents churning down into a foaming, seething mass of whitewater, and no easy way apparent. We decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and regretfully decided to retreat. Besides, my family has strict rules on whose turn it is to almost drown (and this year is not my turn!).

Beginners Overnight Bush Walk

Saturday morning treated us to clear sunny skies and a well known treat from cityrail – trackwork. After missing a couple of buses on account of our packs we were off to Blacktown and then Faulconbridge to start the hike. In Faulconbridge we loaded up on last minute treats and applied sunscreen with what claimed to be invisible zinc but had the look and consistency of wall paint.

Canyoning, Ashcroft Ravine

After a nice early start we set off through the scrub to find a way into our chosen canyon – Ashcroft Ravine. Our information was light in detail, but we managed to find a relatively straightforward scramble down into the gully.