Bungleboori South

Even with the usual poor planning – a trip decided on less than a week out – a spanner managed to get thrown in the works when I came down with an appalling stomach bug on Friday night. After a rather unpleasant night, and a morning in bed, I finally made contact with T1 a couple hours before we were due to meet up to let him know that I was going to have to bail. After some convincing that I could at least spend a quiet day at the base camp if my belly didn’t come good I finally decided to push through and go ahead with the trip.

Currockbilly Mountain

Currockbilly Mountain in the southern part of Morton National Park may be described in a single word: scrub. It can also be described in two words: thick scrub. In three words you’d probably say thick wet scrub. If you want it in more than 3 words (a lot more), well, it goes something like this.