Ettrema gorge, 26-28 Jan 2007

– Day 1 – Bullfrog Ck to Ettrema gorge After a car shuffle we began our walk heading for a side creek that would take us down into Bullfrog creek. Just as we’d started to descend in the side creek Joe had a fall and was injured. First aid was provided and after some deliberation Joe decided not to press on. So after just 15 minutes we were already down one person. Luckily this wasn’t a sign of things to come! I walked Joe back to his car and bid a very sad farewell while everybody else continued.

Summer Canyon Exploration, 20-26 Jan 2007

Our aim for this week was to head into an area that neither of us had been to before and explore for canyons and other places that are nice to be in a hot dry week of summer. It was an excellent trip, and we certainly found what we were looking for.

New Zealand, Jan 2007

That gave me a bit of time for a walk – so I went by bus to Lewis Pass to do the St James Walkway. “Walkways” are fairly easy walks – and this one certainly wasn’t hard – but it was very pleasant. The walk was a loop. I had chosen to start from the Boyle River end and this meant that I would finish at Lewis Pass itself.