Beginner Canyoning Trip – Sept 25/26

I’ve put the trip report for the beginner canyoning weekend up on the Fat Canyoners Club site. Coming out of the weekend we’ve only had one participant get operated on (that I know of) and have located the one person we lost for the whole weekend, so I can now safely call it a success. For those who missed out on this trip, there will be a similar beginner weekend in the next couple months. As for those who were on this trip, I look forward to seeing you on more trips as the canyoning season gets into full swing.

Intermediate ski trip

After a very early Saturday morning departure and a bakery stop in Cooma, we headed up on the Kosciuszko Express, noting the grassy patches near the village and a complete lack of people on the slopes. On the chair up Pete sat next to a ski patrol employee, who out of politeness asked where he was going. Since we hadn’t really discussed it beforehand, Pete said he had no clue, and then promptly managed to get his backpack caught on the lift while unloading! I wonder what the patroller must have been thinking as the attendant stopped the lift and tried to free the bag…

Red Rocks

Suboir president Bjorn “The Piker” Sturmberg had bailed the day before (claiming his decision was unrelated to the weather) following three others who did the same during in the week (although at least they were a bit more honest about their softness, hence no naming and shaming). We’d squeezed into two cars for the trip, but unfortunately one was a two wheel drive. The dirt road didn’t disappoint, with plenty of potholes, a flowing stream crossing the road, and a slippery section that had even my Forester feeling like it was on a slip-and-slide. Driving as far as the first private property fence in Little Capertee Creek we parked, did some last minute rationalising of pack weight, then set off along the creek.