Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a university student to join SUBW

No. Everyone can join SUBW.


How can I join SUBW

You can sign up for the club online in this website.


Are there additional costs for coming on a trip.

Once you are a member of the club, we don’t charge extra for coming on trips. However, you have to cover all your own costs such as train tickets. If someone gives you a lift in their car, you are expected to share the costs of fuel. You also need to provide your own food.


How often do you run trips

We usually run trips on most weekends. However, since all our trip leaders are volunteers, we can’t guarantee this. If you want to have a look at trips we ran in the past, have a look at our past walks programme.


When is the next trip?

All our trips are published on the walks programme. If there is no trip announced, none is planned at the moment. However, new trips are constantly getting announced, often with only a few days notice. Even though the walks programme might look empty today, there might still be trips coming up for next weekend.


Do I need all my own gear?

The club has an extensive store of gear which you can hire for trips. for example we have camping gear which is suitable for overnight trips as well as canyoning gear and much more. Gear may be borrowed for club trips only and must be returned the week after the trip. See the gear borrowing page for details.