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The People of SUBW nude calendar has made it’s anticipated return – just in time for Christmas! Packed full of stunning photographs of bands of bushwalkers enjoying the wilderness in the most natural way possible, this calendar is set to bring light to the adventures of SUBW throughout what has been a turbulent year for all. 

What is especially important about the calendar though, is that all profits are set to go directly to a campaign that aims to protect and expand the amazing wilderness which we all enjoy. This year, all raised funds are set to go directly to the Colong Foundation’s Wild Rivers Campaign.

This campaign is about saving thousands of hectares of the southern Blue Mountains — home to endangered plants, animals, and irreplaceable Indigenous sites — from destruction.The NSW Government wants to raise the Warragamba Dam wall, inundating one of the most significant natural landscapes in Australia.Members of the Sydney University Bushwalkers have been visiting this area for seven decades, drawn by its pristine wild rivers and unique natural beauty. By bearing all, we hope to not only raise money, but also community awareness of what is at risk.

You can find out more, sign the petition, and get involved in the campaign at: