Coxs River / Jenolan Gorge

After a leisurely stop at Blackheath to buy last minute supplies and consume coffee and bakery products we drove down into the Megalong Valley towards Carlons Farm to start the walk. The weather was fairly warm; heading down Breakfast Creek we managed to startle a red belly black snake stretched across the path catching some sunlight. The creek contained a healthy flow of water and some rock-hopping skill was required on several occasions to cross over and follow the path.

Woy Woy rock art walk

The full compliment of 8 people turned out for the walk on a glorious sunny Sunday. After picking up people from the train at Woy Woy we drove up the hill and parked in Brisbane Water National Park. We headed first down a ridge that was capped with flat sheets of sandstone and saw a number of aboriginal engravings, including people, fish, kangaroos, and shields.

Two Colo Passes

Last week’s rain had gone by Friday evening, when 3 cars coming from different directions rendezvoused on the Putty Road beneath clear starry skies and welcome autumnal coolness. We consolidated into 2 cars for the drive out along a fire trail to our camp site, which was a cleared area beside the trail where there was room to park.

Wondabyne to Pindar Cave

We started early on Sunday morning, so I could make it back home early to prepare a Mother’s Day dinner. So we met up with Bruce at Wondabyne station just before 9 am.

Beginners’ navigation weekend

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