Glen, Adam and I began our weekend early, with a pre-trip bike ride on Friday afternoon along The Oaks Fire Trail (Woodford to Glenbrook). We then met up with Stacey at the Zig Zag Railway around 6:30pm and walked out for an hour or so to a campsite along Waratah Ridge. It was a surprisingly mild evening around the campfire, with cheese and biscuits, roasted veggies and various concoctions of noodles, rice and couscous.

Cowan to Brooklyn

Walkers: Taeko, Satoshi, Mutsuko, Charles, Alex J, Peggy, Bron, Ben P, Alisha + friend, Jerome, Elmore, Elin, Alex B, Terje, Laura, Dmitri,David K, Miriam, Gary, Jana, Marina, Claudia, and Bruce. (and one more whose named I have missed).