OH&S information

The club committee adheres to achieve to provide (as close as possible) a comprehensive OH&S policy for its members and visitors as to ensure quality experiences are being met at all times within contact with the club.

This policy covers the following areas, with an outline of procedures that the club strives to ensure its members abide by as to ensure that all OH&S regulations are being met. This outline should be read in conjunction with the club’s Search and Rescue Policy and the club’s Trip Leader’s Checklist.

1. General
2. Social
3. Equipment
4. Rescue

1. General

The following steps are to be followed by the club prior to club trips:
1.1 Each individual walking with the club must have proof of membership of SUSU.
1.2 The club will go to every effort to ensure that all trip leaders are members of SUBW for insurance purposes. This is primarily the responsibility of the Walks Secretary. Whilst a grading system is not appropriate nor practical in the context of SUBW, the club undertakes to provide ample opportunity for training and appropriate experience for those seeking to lead trips.
1.3 Trip leaders should ensure that the trip is suitable for the level of experience of the individuals involved. At the discretion of the trip leader, individuals may be excluded from a club trip on the basis of their experience or otherwise.
1.4 Trip leaders will ensure that individuals participating in their activities are informed of the inherent risks of that particular activity before undertaking it.
1.5 Trip leaders will ensure that each individual is fitted with the correct equipment and attire for the particular activity. It is the trip leader’s responsibility to inform the club of faulty equipment when detected, especially equipment required for abseiling.
1.6 Any faulty equipment detected on club trips or otherwise should be documented. The club will ensure that such equipment is dealt with in the appropriate manner. This is the responsibility of the Club Gear Officer.
Refer to Trip Leaders’ Guidelines.

2. Social

The following steps are to be followed by the club for all social functions operated or endorsed by the club:
2.1 Ensure that the social venue is covered with its own OH&S policy and provides access to venue safety guidelines and regulations (where relevant).
2.2 Ensure that the social function is held in an appropriate location that is easy to access by all club members to and from the function.
2.3 If collecting money for the social function, ensure that the money collectors are provided with a secure cash box and access to a safe (or to the SUSU trust) to deposit the money when required to do so.
2.4 If not provided by the venue and if required, ensure that security measures are in place (which may mean hiring security personnel) as to ensure safety of club members (i.e. from violence and fire).
2.5 To abide by the SUSU responsible alcohol consumption policy. The club will not in any form or matter sponsor or endorse drinking competitions or promotions that encourages excessive consumption of alcohol.

3. Equipment

The following steps are to be abided by the club regarding its equipment:
3.1 All equipment in the club shall be subjected to an annual check to ensure that it is in full and safe working condition for use on club trips.
3.2 It is the duty of the club to update and purchase new equipment as required when faulty equipment faults is detected.
3.3 The club will provide (where necessary) First Aid materials for use on club trips.

4. Rescue

4.1 The club will ensure that rescue information is kept up-to-date and accurate, and made readily available to members. Refer to the club’s Search and Rescue Policy.
4.2 The club will ensure that all trip leaders notify the club of their intended route and if a party is delayed, club rescue contacts will alert the relevant authorities if this has not already been done. Refer to the club’s Trip Leader’s Checklist..