SUBW Members Badge



SUBW badge featuring the Club motto with a gold lizard on a deep blue background. The Club originally had a similar badge way back in 1948.

Founding Member Frank Peters’ Recollections: “it was decided in 1948 that SUBW should have a badge. After much discussion a design of a gold aboriginal lizard motif in a deep blue background was chosen. 200 were purchased for £16.10.00, funded by Clive Pritchard, Mick Hammond and myself. I still have a few.” To quote Dave Noble, the lizard comes from the early club motto – “Starve the Lizards” (and stone the crows) – and is a reference to not much food being available when the club started due to WW2 rationing.” You can read more about it in the Club archives.

Our intention is that this badge will remain a standard design for the Club for the future – recognisable out in the bush. We will re print the Club Badge from time to time as needed

The badge can easily be hand sewn onto a shirt or cheaply sewn onto your pack by your local clothes repair shop or shoe repairer. It is available free to Financial Members – with a limit of one per member.

Contact to secure a badge and be sure to sew it somewhere prominent on your pack or shirt.