Brisbane Water NP – Pindar Cave – 18 Feb 2007

Another fine and sunny day for another bushwalk that I’d hadn’t done before. Another long train trip was involved to get to the start of the walk at Wondabyne station, on the banks of Mullet creek. I use the word “station” loosely as the platform is shorter than a single train carriage. Martin got on the train at Berowra and Anthony was already at Wondabyne having travelling down from Gosford. The track starts at the south end of the “station” and leads up to the top of the ridge pass a quarry. From here it was an easy walk along a fire trail for a 1 km or so. We took a left side road and then to the start of the walking track that leads to Lysippus pass. >From here the track continue thru open gum tree forest covered in huge spider webs. We briefly stopped at Timotheus heights looking for any aboriginal artifacts hidden in the sandstone over hangs. Before reaching Timotheus heights, I ended up walking straight into a huge spider web complete with a spider in the middle. I’m not sure who was more frightened, the spider or myself.

Heathcote NP – Bullawarring Track, 17 Feb 2007

After some interest in this walk everyone piked so I ended up being the only one to turn up at Heathcote station at 9:40. I decided to do the walk anyway as the weather was perfect and thus the trip become a re-con mission for my next visit.

Tasman and Murchison glaciers 9-day walk, mid February 2007

Greg and I spent a total 9 days walking up the Tasman glacier and then down the Murchison glacier in Mt Cook National Park, New Zealand. We initially travelled over the lower moraine (huge piles of different sized rocks which lie on top of the glacier) before reaching the knobbly ice-topped section of the glacier, and finally the smoother snow covered section higher up (with larger crevasses that must be walked around). This was all reversed as we walked down the Murchison glacier, except there were some easy rocky river flats at the end of the Murchison glacier in the valley.

South West Tasmania, 5-12 Feb 2007

After getting the taste for South West Tassie this time last year, a handful of curious bushwalkers flew down to the Natural State to do some more exploring. The idea was to traverse the Eastern Arthur Range and climb Federation Peak.

Upper Gingra Creek, 10-11 Feb 2007

A thunderstorm over the Kanangra region on Thursday influenced the decision to do a Kanangra trip on the weekend, as there was the prospect that the storms may have recharged parched waterways, filled pools and made waterfalls flow again. So a trip to the upper reaches of a well known creek in this area was in order.

Waterfall-Heathcote, 4th Feb 2007

We met up in front of the Women Sports Centre on the beautiful Sunday morning. Kate kindly dropped round to make sure we have enough cars for the trip. After a bit of a chit-chat, we headed to Heathcote Station and left a car behind, and then drove to Waterfall Station where the walk started.