Taronga Zoo Wharf to Manly

After meeting at Circular Quay we travelled by ferry to Athol Wharf, below Taronga Zoo, and set out on the Harbourside walk on the first leg to Clifton Gardens. Past Bradley’s Head the track is through bushland which is still largely unchanged bespite 222 years of European settlement. We noticed a few artists along the walk sketching or painting views of the Harbour a la Tom Roberts.

Tigersnake Canyon and Rocky Creek

By miraculous good fortune and coincidental timing no one got permanently lost in the labyrinth of forest trails that sprout northwards from the Zig Zag railway. It was Friday evening, dark, some had arrived early, others late, but somehow it was a single cohesive convoy of vehicles that eventually rolled into our pleasant open camp site after rendezvousing at various points along the way.