Taronga Wharf – Balmoral – Castle Rock – Manly

We set out from Circular Quay on the 9.15am Taronga Zoo ferry after a last-minute slight panic when I realised that I had advertised its departure time as 9.20am (it actually left at 9.19am). On disembarking at Athol Wharf we took the Harbourside track to Bradley’s Head with its HMAS Sydney memorial, We noted a crow perched in the crow’s nest of the preserved mast on the headland.From Bradley’s Head we walked to Chowder Bay through bushland which remarkably is probably little changed since white settlement 211 years ago.

Heart Attack, Surefire, Rocky Creek canyons

Miraculously Helen and I managed to escape the Sydney 9-5 vortex on Friday and headed up during the afternoon and enjoyed camping in the relatively cool shade as the burning sun receded towards the horizon at last. We were later joined by Glen.

Claustral Canyon

Setting out from the carpark in perfect weather, we noted 2 parties totalling 13 people ahead of us in the logbook, so there was no hurry making our way down the ridge and into the canyon. We made our way along the upper reaches, and finally caught up with the party in front of us on the abseils. We decided to wait at the top for a few minutes to avoid being caught behind them in between abseils, and as a result were caught by James Bevan and his party as we began the abseils.