Red Rocks Walk

Party – A mixture of SUBW’ers and friends from indoor climbing – John, Chuin Nee, Dave F, Martin, Steffy, Kim, Mitch, Dan, Alicia, Jo, Dave N and also Ashley and Kendy joined us at the campsite

Six Foot Track MTB

The three of us started out a bit after 9am in the wrong spot somewhere on Megalong Rd, so we just followed some track I found in the street directory and used a bit of good ol “well the sun rises in the east, right, so this way is probably south” to meetup with the 6FT. I’ll be imprecise here due to the perpetual nature of information on the internet – lets just say our eventual route involved getting yelled at by an old lady.

Grand Canyon and Wentworth Falls

The initial plan was to do a loop from Govetts Leap, down Braeside Trail, through Grand Canyon and back via Cliff Top track, assuming that the tracks in this area would not be affect by the previous bushfire. But I was too optimistic. Just about 200m down Braeside Trail, there’s a “No Entry” sign. We were very tempted to ignore it, but after considering insurance issues and the $350 pp fine if caught, we turned back.

APEC ski trip

Desperate to get out of Sydney and away from all the APEC nonsense we drove all the way to Island Bend on Thursday night, stopping only in Cooma to hire skis for those that needed them. It was well after midnight by the time we rolled into the camping area to snatch a few hours sleep.

MTBing the Oaks Trail

Everyone was successful in catching the train, except Sophie and I. We managed to miss the train at Glenbrook by 23.5687 nano seconds. So we ended up driving to Woodford and caught the train back after the ride.