As with most student run clubs, keeping flawless records has not always been SUBW’s strong suit. But those records that are available in digital form, we put here for you to read.

The origins:

A brief history of SUBW, written in 1996

The earliest known trip report of SUBW is the Yerranderrie report from 1946. This report might be the beginning of SUBW.

Early Bushwalking

Bushwalking and canyoning in the 1960s

SUBW Club Logbooks

Contents of Logbook 1 (?-1960)

Contents of Logbook 2 (1961 – 63)

Contents of Logbook 3 (1963 – 68)

(Logbook 4 is believed to be somewhere in Fisher Library, 1968 – 72?)

Walks Programmes:

2001 Trip Register

2002 Trip Register

The anniversaries:

Press On – The 40th anniversary

Press On Regardless – The 50th anniversary


Not all material from the archives has been transferred yet. But you can still look at it on the old website.