Borrowing gear

SUBW has an extensive selection of gear that can be borrowed by members for club trips. Please note, that this gear is for official club trips only and must not be used for private endeavours.

Our gear covers a range of activities such as overnight trips (e.g. tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, backpacks, …) and canyoning (e.g. harnesses, helmets, dry bags, ropes, …). We also have PLBs that we encourage trip leaders to take on their trips if they don’t have their own.


When and how to borrow

Gear nights are advertised on the walks programme. Usually, they are Thursdays in the late afternoon / early evening but keep an eye out since dates and times change depending on people’s availability.

If you want to borrow equipment, sign up for the gear night so the gear officers know that you are coming. It is highly recommended to sign up since the gear night sometimes finishes early if everyone who intended to come was there.

The gear locker is in the Holme Building. When you enter through the main entrance, take the stairs down. Halfway down the stairs is a door to the right. This is where the gear locker is located.



Returning gear

You can only keep the gear for the trip you borrowed it for and must return it during the week after the trip. Please return your gear in time because if you don’t there might not be enough for the trips on the next weekend.

If you have another club trip coming up the weekend directly after, please email the gear officers or the committee so we can extend your loan. You can only keep the gear if the trips are on consecutive weekends, otherwise, please return it so someone else can use it.


Private trips

Club gear may only be used on official club trips. No gear may be borrowed for private trips.