Summer Trip Report

26th – Helen and I left Carlon’s Farm around 5pm on Boxing day, me having eaten and drunken non-stop for the past two days with family lunches. Helen having been very reserved and un-Christmas like in terms of food. What we both had in common however, were heavy packs laden with all the usual gear required for a five to six day trip with the exception paddles and rafts. With all the rain over December we were planning to paddle down the Coxs then spend some time in the Wild Dogs.

Christmas Dinner Walk

Catherine Stansbury Lilian Donoso Meredith Dodds and Yves Roger Butler and Luisa Ngeow Annie Cote and Barry Helen Smith Peggy Huang Chee Wong (Grand canyon only) Mariacristina Merlo Dave Noble Don Cameron and Elata Jo Boyd Pauline Foster Emma Hickey Lisa Jonas Amy Foster Denise Wong Gregory Symonds George Karpenov Ashley Burke Melanie Luxem Roger Lembit and Rowan James Bevan Albert Chetcuti Wendy Au Mitchell Isaacs + 2 Rob Hynes Dave Forbes Tom Gleeson

Fortress Canyon, Darks Cave, and a nude trip through Empress Canyon

A small number of us also decided to use our spare time in the afternoon to do a nude trip through Empress Canyon. I know it has been done before by club members (I know of night trips), but has anyone done a brazen daylight streak on a weekend in summer before? It was great fun: I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year and I look forward to walking and canyoning with plenty of you next year!

Canyoning in Hat Hill Creek

G’day folks, I’ve put together a trip report with some photos of our trip through Hat Hill Creek this week. This canyon is amazingly underrated. Considering how easy it is to get to and to do, I’d highly recommend it to people. An easy half day, short walk, no abseils, nice cool swims. If you’re looking for a quiet spot to spend a hot summer day (if we end up getting some!) keep this in mind.

Xmas and NYE in the Kosciuszko NP

Short version for those of you not keen to read long stories: We left Sydney on the 22nd of December, we spent 10 days down the Kosi doing 2 multidays walks and a half day walk and we survived: nasty weather with heaps of rain, cold, wind and 2 super nasty hail storms, a couple of interesting off track sections (were we really meant to go that way?!?!), an “interesting” conversation with a wild pig hunter, deadly smelly self-walking socks (mine), a pair of crappy new model volleys – what a failure, nasty scrub (our legs still thank us for that), a sunburn, 3 brown snakes, heaps of annoying march flies and aggressive ants, tropical temperatures in Derschkos hut, and NYE with only ONE glass of wine each and half bottle of port to be shared among 3 (bloody Joe didn’t bring a thing!!!!) The good bits: absolutely stunning country, and that was worth all the above.