Kowmung Mountain

It started with a traffic jam late on Thursday night which delayed our arrival at a damp and drizzly Kanangra walls. Leaving one car at the Uni Rover Trail and another at Kanangra Walls we walked in the thick damp cloud to the Dance Floor Cave and found passable spots to bed down for the remainder of the night.

Moko Creek

I’d been wanting to trot down Moko Creek for some time — I can’t think precisely where I heard it, but the rumour went that despite the sound wisdom of Bash The Ridge And Not The Creek, several of the streams running south off the Gangerang Massif are in fact excellent walking, with crystal waters, beautiful cascades, the creekbed comprises extensive and impressive rocky slabs stretching to the far yonder, it’s a fully licensed venue, there are friendly yowies to carry your pack and massage your feet, et cetera et cetera. Clearly worth a look, even if only to disprove the rumours of a wet bar on this Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Bike Ride – Parramatta to Kurnell

Four of us met up outside Parramatta station – and headed off to Parramatta River – to where it looked like a bike trail was from my Google Earth observations. Sure enough – we found the trail and rode off along it. The weather was perfect – sunny. not too hot and no winds. Nice. The riding was through parklands – lined with stately gums trees – very pleasant indeed – until the cycle path stopped in an industrial area – and we had to scout around to find the best way ahead. Eventually we regained the path and continued on our way. We had joined up with the old route – and I now knew the way. Easy. At least it was until we hit a big gate across the path. Ahead was an area being redeveloped and the path was temporarily closed. There was a route around it – so we set off – but that was when Stuart got a puncture. While he was fixing it – i scouted around on the other (south) side of the river and saw a new (to me anyway) bike path – that looked good – so we changed our plans and instead of heading along the north side to Meadowbank – we followed a delighful path on the south side which linked up with Bicentennial Park at Homebush. This followed the foreshores past some old docks and past Silverwater Nature Reserve.

Berowra to Mt Kuringai via Cowan Creek

Long version: The weather was beautiful and we started walking by 9am, wending our way down from Berowra Station to Cowan Creek and then walking along its banks. We stopped quite a few times to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but still made excellent time. We were most amused upon reaching the Mt Kuringai end of the Cowan Creek section of the walk to find a sign announcing that the track we had just walked was closed!! Perhaps it would be more effective if signs were placed at BOTH ends of the track!?! There is also some debate about the cause of some rustling in one of the bushes we walked past – with varied eye-witness accounts including a lizard, snake, bunyip… and my favourite… the young couple ahead of us on the walk!!!