Party: Naser, Phil, Mitchell

Waking up to torrential rain in Sydney, the weather radars and rain maps promised drier weather further West, so the three of us took the train to Blackheath for a run through Hat Hill Canyon.

It was decidedly damp when we set off into the bush, but we decided to press on regardless. We picked our way down the ridge and into the creek, noting how high the water was. We eventually reached the first small drop, finding powerful currents churning down into a foaming, seething mass of whitewater, and no easy way apparent. We decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and regretfully decided to retreat. Besides, my family has strict rules on whose turn it is to almost drown (and this year is not my turn!).

However, we were not defeated yet, and made plans to exit by another nearby pass, and drop back in further downstream. Everything was going to our new plan, and we made out way down another tributary of Hat Hill Creek, also quite swollen. we were almost at the junction, when we came across a series of short drops, culminating in the torrent tumbling down through an arch in the creek, landing in a pool some distance below. Foiled again!

Not wanting to give up quite yet, we traversed around a ledge above the main creek for almost an hour, before we became resigned to the fact that we weren’t going to get any canyon that day. We picked our way out a nearby pass, and trudged back to Blackheath for a bite to eat and the train back to Sydney.

While the day didn’t go to plan, it was still an enjoyable walk in a nice area with good company, 2 new members who we’ll hopefully see back again!