Walkers: Myself, Paul Secker, Katherine Vickers, Gavin Hill, Mike Gray, Nadine Chalmers, Nadira Yapa, Lindsay Gil, Jeremy.

Short version: A very enjoyable day by the water 🙂

Long version: The weather was beautiful and we started walking by 9am, wending our way down from Berowra Station to Cowan Creek and then walking along its banks. We stopped quite a few times to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but still made excellent time. We were most amused upon reaching the Mt Kuringai end of the Cowan Creek section of the walk to find a sign announcing that the track we had just walked was closed!! Perhaps it would be more effective if signs were placed at BOTH ends of the track!?! There is also some debate about the cause of some rustling in one of the bushes we walked past – with varied eye-witness accounts including a lizard, snake, bunyip… and my favourite… the young couple ahead of us on the walk!!!

We had a relaxed lunch at Apple Tree Bay, then climbed the hill to Mt Kuringai, thus ending the walk. Unfortunately Mt Kuringai does not have a pub – so we had to satisfy ourselves with cold drinks and ice blocks from the general store. I promise to do better next time and make sure my walks end at a pub!!!

Thanks everyone for such an enjoyable day!