Trip Report – Bike Ride – Parramatta to Kurnell – 5 April 2008
Riders – Stuart, Greg, Armando, Dave – and we were joined by Rachel for the last bit

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It had been a few years since i had been on this ride – and some of the route had changed – so this meant a bit of route finding in places.

Four of us met up outside Parramatta station – and headed off to Parramatta River – to where it looked like a bike trail was from my Google Earth observations. Sure enough – we found the trail and rode off along it. The weather was perfect – sunny. not too hot and no winds. Nice. The riding was through parklands – lined with stately gums trees – very pleasant indeed – until the cycle path stopped in an industrial area – and we had to scout around to find the best way ahead.
Eventually we regained the path and continued on our way. We had joined up with the old route – and I now knew the way. Easy. At least it was until we hit a big gate across the path. Ahead was an area being redeveloped and the path was temporarily closed. There was a route around it – so we set off – but that was when Stuart got a puncture. While he was fixing it – i scouted around on the other (south) side of the river and saw a new (to me anyway) bike path – that looked good – so we changed our plans and instead of heading along the north side to Meadowbank – we followed a delighful path on the south side which linked up with Bicentennial Park at Homebush. This followed the foreshores past some old docks and past Silverwater Nature Reserve.

From Homebush – we picked up the Cooks River Cycle Path and followed it along to Botany Bay – having a late lunch at Brighton-Le-Sands. There, Greg and Armando left us – and headed off towards Rockdale Station. Stuart and myself continued on along the shore of Botany Bay – along a cycle-way to Tarren Point Bridge. the cycle-way continued on the other side – at first along roads – but later along a section of boardwalk near the Mangroves through to near Shark Park. Here we met up with Rachel – and welcomed the cool drinks she had brought. The cycle-way continued towards Cronulla. We followed it and then turned off and went along the cycle-path on the side of the road to Kurnell. We went all the way to the lookout at Cape Solander – and then rode back to Cronulla – where we caught a train home (except for Rachel who could ride home)

For a ride through the city – this one was pretty good – and just about all off road. Thanks to the others who came along for making it a nice day.