Blue Mtns: Grand Canyon and Wentworth Falls. September 16, 2007.

Party: Meg, Mike Gray, Silke Walleser, Sang Trang, Allison Macbeth and Wendy

The initial plan was to do a loop from Govetts Leap, down Braeside Trail, through Grand Canyon and back via Cliff Top track, assuming that the tracks in this area would not be affect by the previous bushfire. But I was too optimistic. Just about 200m down Braeside Trail, there’s a “No Entry” sign. We were very tempted to ignore it, but after considering insurance issues and the $350 pp fine if caught, we turned back.

So we started the walk from a fire trail just at the other end of Braeside Trail, and entered Grand Canyon via Neates Glen. This is definitely a popular family weekend walk, it’s kind of like a highway. Nevertheless, the canyon was quite spectacular, and with water running down the waterfalls (something I haven’t seen for a while). I kept looking down the very deep and dark canyon beside the track and wondered if it’s “canyonable”. So we got to Evans Lookout at around lunch time. After admiring the view and a few compulsory tourist photo shots, we had a brief lunch, with the not-so-shy crows trying their best to steal our food.

We got back to the cars via a bit of road bashing. It was a short walk and definitely too early to go home. So to make the long drive more worthy, we decided to take another walk at Wentworth Falls. I was very keen to see the fall after the recent rain anyway (but was disappointed to find that there’s not much difference). So we did the Overcliff Walk and got back to the car just before the weather turned bad and started raining.

Thanks everyone for coming and thanks Mike and Sang for driving.

A nice day enjoyed by all.