Trip Report – MTBing the Oaks Trail – Blue Mts NP 1/9/2007.

Riders: Albert (Al-Bear Grylls) Chetcuti, Sophie Scott, Dan Ryan, Marina Carpinelli, Kim Corrans, Carole Pillette, Ben Kong, and Helena.

My photos are at:

Everyone was successful in catching the train, except Sophie and I. We managed to miss the train at Glenbrook by 23.5687 nano seconds. So we ended up driving to Woodford and caught the train back after the ride.

We started the ride on a range of different bikes, including a few brand new bikes, a few well-trusted machines and a few which were more designed for city life than bashing in the mountains (see

The weather was perfect. It was nice and sunny, but still a bit cool as well.

It wasn’t long before we’d lost someone. I could only count seven riders after a few minutes. We had started the ride with 8. I rode back and discovery one of the group cruising along. While this was happen, someone (who will remain nameless) manage to fall off their bike within the first few hundred metres. Nothing to serious, just a few scratches and damaged confidence.

After all this, we continued at a slower pace going up and down the small hills along the track. We stopped at the top for some morning tea. This allowed some of us to show-off some more advanced mountain biking skills.

From here most of the rest is down hill. Ben and Helena raced off and we never saw them again. This down hill section is heaps of fun as usual. Ben reached speeds of 50 kph and I managed a maximum of 48 kph.

We reached the end of the fire trail and had a short break, admiring the $5K plus bike some else was riding. We continued along the single track section, which I’d only previously done at night time on another SUBW trip. It was fun, easy and fast. We reached the end on the single track, the girls took the bitumen road down to the causeway, and Dan and myself bashed down the technical and rocky single track section. After crossing Glenbrook creek causeway we peddled (and some walked) the steep road back to Glenbrook township.

Lunchtime snacks were purchased from the Glenbrook bakery before we departed for the long trip back to the “big-smoke”.

A great day out. Thanks to those who came along.

c ya
Albert 🙂