Trip Report – Red Rocks Walk – 22-23 September 2007

Party – A mixture of SUBW’ers and friends from indoor climbing – John, Chuin Nee, Dave F, Martin, Steffy, Kim, Mitch, Dan, Alicia, Jo, Dave N and also Ashley and Kendy joined us at the campsite

Photos are online at (Saturday) –

and (Sunday) –

Most of the group drove out to Newnes on the Friday night – and once there set up tents and then got a fire going and enjoyed a few bottles of wine…..

Up early the next morning, we were joined by Ashley and Kendy who had driven up from Sydney. They set off on a different route and later planned to join us at the campsite.

The main party set off up Little Capertee Creek, and we soon headed off up a spur that we hoped would take us onto the tops. Sure enough, we found a very easy pass up through the cliffs that took us to a fine lookout. After taking in the views, we headed along the ridge and past some nice pagodas. We climbed to the top of one of these and were greeted with more excellent views.

Then we headed to the main cliff-line and once there found a nice place for lunch. The afternoon was spent scrambling around on pagodas and checking out cracks. We found a suitable campsite nearby. Later in the afternoon Ashley and Kendy joined us. Then it was off to the main cliff for photos of the sunset and some wine and cheese…..

Then back to the campsite for various platters of gourmet food. The corks were eased out of various fine bottles of wine and a very convivial evening was had.

Up early again the next morning – some of us photographed the dawn. After a lazy start, we checked out some more pinnacles, overhangs and cracks and enjoyed some fine scrambling as we headed to the Room campsite for morning tea. Then it was a short walk along the main ridgeline to a defile and another convenient and easy pass back down to Little Capertee Creek.

On the way down the creek, we stopped for lunch and arrived back at the cars (with no lost party members) at 3pm.

An excellent walk – fine weather, scenery and company.