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Walk in the Wollemi – Saturday 4th April 2009
Putty Road – Bob Turners Track carpark – Mt Townsend – Colo River – Bob Turners Track.

Peter Berbee, Stephen Neale, Rachel Melrose

Full trip report and photos here:


We walked south from the carpark towards Mt Townsend, which was looming out of the fog, and into a cloudy, and at times humid, windy, cold, calm, warm and exhilarating day in the Colo wilderness.

It was pretty scrubby. The views were well worth the effort, as was the fun we had with navigation — which was spot on!

See link above for photos of view from Mt Townsend west to Gospers Ridge and Mt Meroo — which had a great looking plateau on top, with a creek that cut it up leaving a knifeblade looking ridge to get to the summit — and a nice NE ridge to get back down to the Colo. That looked like a great 2-day round trip with a camp on the Colo.

After the recent rain there was a lot of fungi growing up and we came across some interesting wildlife including a Bearded Dragon (found by Steve under his almost planted foot), a flat-rock spider and centipede, and at the end of the trip we all stopped for a timeless moment listening to a lyrebird make calls of glossy black cockatoo, kookaburra, butcher bird, rainbow lorikeet, crimson rosella, whip bird, and many others.

This area is so rugged and beautiful. This trip made me want to explore all the mountains of the Colo Wilderness.

Rachel Melrose