Party: Myself, Steph, Joan, Ausra, David, Alex, Stuart

My first visitation to Cedar Ck was earlier this year whilst on a training walk with Tom Murtagh for our upcoming New Zealand trip. On this walk we had dropped off Narrowneck Plateau, down Walls Pass and into Cedar Ck where, after heading dowstream for several kilometers, we happened upon what would have made some very fine camping spots. Clean deep pools of water, open flat grassy areas, and according to the map not too far from accessible fire trail. So, with this in mind I had hoped to return, on what should have been a fairly easy weekend walk with ample time for some swimming, bludging and enjoying the surroundings.

Meeting at Strathfield station on Saturday morning, we set off in Steph’s van driving up to Blackheath and down into the Megalong Valley. After setting off from Carlon’s Farm in overcast conditions, we followed the main fire trail out past Medlow Gap, then turning off onto a side trail around under Mukku-Baluru Bluff.

Upon beginning our descent into Bunba Yacka Gully, the cliff line proved to be more formidable and extensive than what appeared on the map. Whilst surveying the landscape from a rocky outcrop, someone noticed a medium sized red belly black snake coiled up on the ground only metres away where we had just walked past. It appeared to be alive, although quite unresponsive and looking a little ‘flat’ around its head, perhaps suggesting that one of us had trodden on it accidentaly. Continuing downwards we eventually made it down to Bunba Yacka Ck, although we were soon confronted by moderately thick scrub and, alas, lawyer vine.

Unwilling to bestow upon others the rather unpleasant experience of bashing through moist scrub and lawyer vine, I tentatively invited reconsideration of our current trajectory. It was promised as a beginner/intermediate walk after all. So in the end we climbed back onto the ridge from which we had descended and set up camp there. Admittedly there were no grassy clearings or crystal clear pools of water, but at least we had some flat spots to set up tents and plentiful drinking water a short distance away in Geeraganggala Ck. We also had plentiful supplies of wine and a decent fire so, all in all, things could have been worse I suppose.

The next day involved some exploring down Geeraganggala Ck then a straightforward walk back along the fire trail, retracing our steps to Carlon’s Farm. We all piled back into Steph’s gigantic van, which with a load of 7 people, was still comfortably at sub-capacity. And thus.. a successful overnight trip camping at Cedar Ck shall await another weekend, perhaps involving some abseiling and an accent out via Walls pass onto Narrowneck.

Thanks to everyone who came on this walk for an enjoyable weekend.