The full compliment of 8 people turned out for the walk on a glorious sunny Sunday. After picking up people from the train at Woy Woy we drove up the hill and parked in Brisbane Water National Park. We headed first down a ridge that was capped with flat sheets of sandstone and saw a number of aboriginal engravings, including people, fish, kangaroos, and shields.

Next we went bush, travelling cross-country to a cave I’d previously visited. After viewing the red hand prints in the cave we crossed the creek and had lunch on a reasonably comfortable rock platform.

Next, we continued through the bush to the road, walked along the road a little way, and then travelled across the rock platforms again to find the second cave. This involved a little scrambling down rocks to get off the ridge.

The second cave was probably the most impressive cave and contained a large number of charcoal drawings. Due to the age of the drawings many were hard to interpret.

After the walk we retired to the beer garden at the Bay View Hotel in Woy Woy for a relaxing drink.

Thanks for coming Dimitri, Eka, Dave, Meldi and your friend, Martine and Sang. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the rock art up this way.

You can see some photos here: