Party: Dave Noble, Greg Salway, Jeff Kingston, Kim Corrans, Megan Bortner, Wendy Wing Yee Au, Bea Carrey, Cassandra Barron and Myself.

After a leisurely stop at Blackheath to buy last minute supplies and consume coffee and bakery products we drove down into the Megalong Valley towards Carlons Farm to start the walk. The weather was fairly warm; heading down Breakfast Creek we managed to startle a red belly black snake stretched across the path catching some sunlight. The creek contained a healthy flow of water and some rock-hopping skill was required on several occasions to cross over and follow the path.

We reached the Coxs shortly after 3pm and in under an hours walk we arrived at the campsite some 500m up Harrys Creek (Jenolan Gorge). It was a fairly brisk evening; a decent fire was built which proved useful for cooking things (not only food, but crispy brown shoes and socks also..) This spot is definitely one of my personal favourites; it manages to catch a good dose of morning sun even in winter, which is a big plus. There were a few fisherman about the place but none of them seemed to be having any luck with the trout.

After a walk up the gorge in the morning we headed up the Coxs to Flaggy Clear then up Quarterpot spur onto Tinpot mountain. The views along the ridge heading along towards Carlons farm are spectacular and there are a number of aboriginal axe grinding grooves and waterpots that have been ground into the rocks next to the track.

On the way back to Sydney we stopped for dinner at the Gearins – this place definitely deserves a plug.. $5 meal deals, and the desert is worth a try (they only offer chocolate mud cake but be warned it’s challenging even between two people to finnish).

Thanks to everyone for a good walk,

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