Walkers: Anthony Dunk, Martin Daly, Albert Chetcuti.

Another fine and sunny day for another bushwalk that I’d hadn’t done before. Another long train trip was involved to get to the start of the walk at Wondabyne station, on the banks of Mullet creek. I use the word “station” loosely as the platform is shorter than a single train carriage. Martin got on the train at Berowra and Anthony was already at Wondabyne having travelling down from Gosford. The track starts at the south end of the “station” and leads up to the top of the ridge pass a quarry. From here it was an easy walk along a fire trail for a 1 km or so. We took a left side road and then to the start of the walking track that leads to Lysippus pass. >From here the track continue thru open gum tree forest covered in huge spider webs. We briefly stopped at Timotheus heights looking for any aboriginal artifacts hidden in the sandstone over hangs. Before reaching Timotheus heights, I ended up walking straight into a huge spider web complete with a spider in the middle. I’m not sure who was more frightened, the spider or myself.

The track crosses Timotheus causeway and climbs up to Mt Pindar. From here we had fantastic views of the Hawkesbury River and Dangar Island. After a short break enjoying the view, we continued along the track which turns north-west to a huge swimming pool. The pool was completely dry as its catchment area is extremely small. From here it was a short walk along the scrubby and overgrown track to the spectacular Pindar Cave. This is a huge sandstone over hang inhabited by aborigines many eras ago. The cave is huge and one of the more spectacular ones I have seen. The cave walls were decorated in beautiful sandstone formation created by layers on different coloured sandstone (much like the “Painted Cliffs” on Maria Island in Tasmania). The walls were also decorated with modern graffiti art as well! After spending a while checking out the cave, we were getting hungry. So we followed the gully down to a dry waterfall and had lunch in a mossy grotto full of mosquitoes.

We returned back to Wondabyne station via Pindar cave and caught the 15:43 silver bullet back to the big-smoke of Syd-den-ney.

My photos are available at: http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/557719573bgsRWJ

Anthony’s photos are available at: http://adunk.ozehosting.com/PindarCave07

A great daywalk.

c ya

Albert 🙂