Party: Bruce Stafford, Mark Assad, Trent, Sarah Hicks, Karl Ng, Alison Macbeth, Gwilym Haynes, Philippa Cook, Monica Treble, Myth Mok, Luisa Murray and me (Wendy).

We met up in front of the Women Sports Centre on the beautiful Sunday morning. Kate kindly dropped round to make sure we have enough cars for the trip. After a bit of a chit-chat, we headed to Heathcote Station and left a car behind, and then drove to Waterfall Station where the walk started.

It was nice and easy on the fire trail, but not much scenery. Still we found some interesting things to take pictures of, like the wiggly lines on the gum trees and a beautiful bush cockroach (beautiful coz its in the bush, not in my room).

Along the walk, the plants were surprisingly green, so I thought the area might have been getting some rain. As the day gets hotter, we were hoping to found some pools where we can go for a dip. But there was not a single patch of water the entire way to Uloola Falls, where we stopped for a long and relaxing lunch. In fact, the place is so dry that Ive been wondering during the entire walk, where the hell are all those pools and waterfalls and creeks Ive seen before (3 years ago). I just couldnt recognize anything this time.

Because of that, we were so so soooo excited when we found water at Karloo Pool. It was a really hot afternoon, so we spent quite a while in the water and didnt wanna get out. After lots of splashing and diving (who actually brought those goggles?) and rock playing (Mark, remember stumpy?), we walked back to Heathcote where we all had a drink at a local café.

Well, the trip didnt end here. Some of us decided that the fun should continue, so we drove to Newtown for the second part of the trip. Drinks at Marley Bar first, and then dinner (and more drinks) in a Thai restaurant. A great trip enjoyed by all and lots of fun was had.

Thanks Trent and Karl for driving, and thanks to Bruce for guiding the walk.

Here’s the link to some photos that Myth took on this trip.