Trip report – Claustral Canyon, Sun 1st Feb

Party: Mike Gray, Stacey Ly, Su Li, Dave Snowdon, Mitchell Isaacs

Setting out from the carpark in perfect weather, we noted 2 parties totalling 13 people ahead of us in the logbook, so there was no hurry making our way down the ridge and into the canyon. We made our way along the upper reaches, and finally caught up with the party in front of us on the abseils. We decided to wait at the top for a few minutes to avoid being caught behind them in between abseils, and as a result were caught by James Bevan and his party as we began the abseils.

Sharing our ropes, we managed to get all 8 of us from both parties down very efficiently, and were able to linger and enjoy this magnificent section of the canyon with beams of sunlight streaming in spectacularly.

Further down the canyon, we made a quick side trip to the glowworm cave, en route some of the party saw a legless lizard caught and devoured by a large yabby!

Following this we continued on to the exit, thence up the hill to the cars, completing a great day with no let up from the perfect weather. Only note was the water levels – which were much lower than normal.