Date: 20-26/11/2023
Trip leader: David Lee
Party: Nam Giang

We found out that going to Yamba would be too rainy, so instead we went to Mt Hotham to do some of the Australian Alps.

Thanks to Nam for coming up with this plan and also thanks to Facebook guy who gave us a suggested route.

Day 1 drive to Mt Hotham (8 hours) camp and diamantia hut Day 2 walk to federation hut, walk up Mt Feathertop. Go to little feathertop for sunset (25km). Day 3 walk up Mt Feathertop again for sunrise and breakfast, walk down to river for swim and lunch. Walk to Blairs hut and camp (10km) Day 4 walk to Weston hut for morning tea. Walk to Mt Fainter South for lunch, walk further to Mt Fainter North. Go for swim in river, up Mt Jaithmathang for dinner (35km) Day 5 Walk to xxx for view of lake, walk to deetus hut for lunch, walk to dent hut, but it’s full of school kids, walk to spargos hut to shelter from rain, decide to bring forward day 6 (30km) km activities, forward, so complete loop by walking to hotham summit, then back to diamantia hut. Day 6 drive back to Sydney

Weather conditions Tuesday – good Wednesday – excellent Thursday – excellent Friday – fair, and bad in the afternoon

Trip rating 9/10 – a excellent alpine adventure. The walk is not technically, difficult as there is no scrambling involved with climbing mountains offset by 2 long driving days.

Learning points going forward : don’t need to pack travel towel (use tshirt for drying) and optimise fuel carried, next time make sure to carry rain pants for long trips.