Date: 17/8/2023
Trip leader: Vyom Arya
Party: Samina, Yash

First time doing a sunrise walk after Chloe gave me the idea, this was aso a bit of an experiment to see if people would show up this early. Sample size was small, but out of 4 there were 2 no shows (who still haven’t responded to my texts, oh well). We caught the 533 bus without any rush, and reached Bondi by 5:30. Even though the sunrise was to happen at 6:34, there was already faint red on the horizon, although at this point most stars were still visible. Yash and Samina were both able to take some photos of the stars since they had newer cameras, I had to settle with just looking!

Stars from Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach in the dark(ish)

I think the best part of watching the sunrise is from when it is still dark, to see how the sky changes colour. Don’t make the mistake of showing up just before the actual time, most of the “sunrise” happens before the sun rises! The forecast indicated a chance of it being cloudy, but luckily there were none. We decided to stop at Mackenzie’s Point Lookout to watch the whole sunrise, and Yash took the opportunity to record a timelapse of the sunrise.

Stages of the sunrise from Mackenzie’s Point

After a vibrant sunrise, and a surprise visit from a dog that nearly knocked over a timelapse recording camera, we continued on our way towards Coogee. We were surprised by the amount of people who were up early on a Thursday morning to do their walking/jogging amidst the sunrise. We had a break at a cafe in Bronte for a second round of breakfast after 7:00.

The trip leader’s breakfast (smashed avo)

An otherwise uneventful walk wrapped up in Coogee at around 9:00, from where we took our respective buses back home.