Date: 10/4/2022
Trip leader: David Lee
Party: Dong, Huei-Ling, Jose Miguel, Junrou, Kazuma, Kelly, Leo, Ralph, Ryan, Sachin

In light of the recent rain, I wasn’t too keen on going far into the bush or doing an overnight walk, so I chose a long and gentle coastal walk that would be safe from the elements. I asked everyone to meet up at Circular Quay at 10 am (mentioned this about 3 times in the emails) to make sure we had enough time to catch the 10.15 ferry to Watsons Bay and was pleasantly surprised with everyone being there pretty much exactly at 10 am. Catching the 10.15 to Watsons Bay, and upon arriving we realised that between the 15 minutes, a few of the group had somehow missed the ferry, however a quick phone call cleared up the situation as the missing guys would meet us at the Hornby lighthouse. After assigning a buddy system – so this situation could be avoided again – it was a gentle walk up to the lighthouse. Which gave us some great views as the weather had really cleared up. Making our way down the coastline stopping at Rosebay for lunch, we walked at a leisurely pace which made it easy to stick together and make sure everyone was doing ok.

Arriving at Bondi at 3 pm, about 2/3 of the group decided to go home, which I mentioned was an option before leaving the 5 of us who were happy to go onto Coogee beach. This is definitely an advantage of suburban coastal walks where you always have the option of getting on a bus and going home. After explaining to a few of the group that it wasn’t advisable to walk back to Usyd from Bondi (8km walk) we bid them farewell and ate some chocolate biscuits I got from Rosebay Coles.

Arriving at Coogee by 5 pm, we finished off with a swim at the beach before saying goodbye! I had a relaxing time during the day, it was a bit different not walking on some mountain track with a heavy pack on my back so a good way to change things up for a bit.