Date: 16/12/2021
Trip leader: Chloe Jenkins

The new Wulugul walk was very spacious and had scenic harbor views. Later on the walk we passed right under the Harbor Bridge and got an unobstructed view of the Opera house. At the beginning of the walk, me and Zoe channeled our inner child and climbed on the big climbing structure that Darling Harbor has, which was super fun!

The route: We met at Sushi Hub outside Central Station, then walked to Darling Harbor, across the Pyrmont Bridge, to the newly finished Wulugul walk, Barangaroo reserve, right under the Harbor Bridge, to the Opera house, and then finished at Circular Quay. The walk took about 2 hours, and was about 7km.

Walk level: Easy

Places to come if late/go if leaving early: Yes

Toilets: Several along the way

Water: Bubblers along the way

Ended where we started?: No

Wheelchair accessibility: Yes