Date: 14/11/2020
Trip leader: Yonghan Wang
Party: Dj, Niku, Sofia, Kevin and Yonghan
Photos: by Sophia and Yonghan

On a clear and sunny morning, five enthusiastic bushwalkers met at Springwood Staion.

Springwood is an interesting little town with some hipster atmosphere. We follow the main road of the town down to a car park, which is the start of a hidden trail down to the Magdala Gully.

The trail, following Magdala creek, is slippy. Blessed by its closeness to the water, it is cooler than the town. We passed through some ducks peacefully resting along the creek, then relaxed next to some nice waterfalls.

We then reach the junction of where steep climb began to take us up to Martin’s Lookout. It took us some effort to reach the top where some of us chatted with a passing bushwalker about trails in Tasmania.

After that we go back to the valley, slowly navigating to find the way to cross the creek around Punch Pool. The hike up to the Lost World is hard, but well signposted by rocks along the track. After a hard ascend, The view across the mountains is really rewarding where it is possible to see all the way to the city.

Descended down to Punch Pool, Kevin decided to have a swim. The water is fresh and the air is cool. A couple are relaxing on the other side of the water.

The last lag involves a walk back along Magdala Creek. The afternoon sun is so pleasant. Gentle light shine through the leaves of Gum trees into the gully, fern trees so freshly green, make the entire place alive. Unfortunately DJ hurt his leg. Get will soon, DJ!

Overall it was a nice day. Thanks for all the members who join this trip. For all my USYD friends, good luck for your exams!

With Love,