Party: Jonno Downes, Saul Richardson
Leader: Jonno Downes
Date: 30/10/2016

This was the 2nd attempt for Saul and I, as we tried this in Feb but baulked at crossing a very dodgy looking gap on an exposed and sloping ledge. My main memories of that first attempt were the panic at the thought of crossing that chasm, and the relentless scratchy ti tree and banksia scrub on the ridge out from the road. As it happens, the chasm was not quite as daunting this time, but the scrub was even thicker than I remembered. Fortunately I was wearing long pants and sleeves this time, having learnt the hard way what banksia leaves do to exposed shins.

The track notes we used ( were pretty good, enough info to find a way, but not so much detail that you aren’t constantly surprised at what you find. In order to keep it fresh for future visitors I won’t add much more detail, other than the dodgy gap looks a lot worse from 5m (as close as we got last time) than it does from 1m.