Part 1: Baal Bone Gap to Newnes – Redux

Present: Tim Fisher, Clint Felmingham
Date: 27th-29th May
Photos (Tim):
Photos (Clint):

This trip was completed from Cape Horn to Newnes over three days. A group size of just two made us very efficient allowing success to make it all the way via Red Rocks. Photo highlights include rainbows, sunset and sunrise panoramas and the ‘Pagoda of Death’. Recent rains provided convenient puddles of water on rocks simplifying the search for water. This route is a super fun adventure, highly recommended for anyone who wants to take up the challenge.

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Part 2: Gardens of Stone Multiday Hike – Baal Bone Gap to Newnes via the Wolgan-Capertee Divide (with Red Rocks option)

Present: Tim Fisher, Clint Felmingham, Ian Parker, Rebecca Hill, Ankit Thangasamy, Lewis Barber, Dac Nyugen, Alroy Swain, Jake Quin
Date: 24th-27th March
Photos (Dac):
Photos (Ankit, Lewis, Ian and Jake):

This trip was a group of 9 conducted in 3 days over the Easter Long Weekend. We walked Baal Bone Gap to Maclean’s Pass the adventurous way – via the Capertee side cliffline and then traversed a maze of smoothies (smooth pagodas) we camped in the McLean’s Pass Camp Cave. The next day at Mount Davidson the group split into two with Dac, Alroy and Ian returning early for important work or easter egg hunts in Sydney. The beautiful Blue Rock Gap was crossed by everyone else (the first time for all of us so quite a puzzle) then we exited at Hugh’s Defile to Wolgan Rd, earlier than anticipated but leaving a whole night and day for other adventures at Donkey Mountain ex Clint. It was also the first time we had been to Donkey Mountain so lots of new territory covered by all. Special congratulations to Jake Qin an international student who had been in Australia just 3 weeks at that time. It was really nice to introduce him to SUBW

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