Date: 16/04/2016
Present: Tim Fisher, Peter Baxter, Clint Felminghan, Kshitij Sahni, Paul Griffiths, Marty Frappell, James Cordukes.
Photos: Peter Baxter and Tim Fisher

Walls Lookout accessed from the Pierces Pass Picnic Area is one of the most exciting vantage points into the Grose Valley. The sheer size and beauty of the cliffs make it an incredible location, and an even more exciting abseil!

We were lucky enough to have on our trip Peter Baxter who is an IRATA level 3 (Industrial rope access supervisor) so it was a great opportunity for skill development. We stepped the SUBW safety up a notch and enjoyed the comfort of compete backup. This is use of separate rope systems for abseil and fall arrest.

The thrill of a lifetime…

Thanks Jazmond Richardson for donating use of your 200m spool of rope.
Thanks SUBW for providing great friendships and so many adventures!

Photos from Peter:
Photos from Tim (including short a video):