Party: Tim Fisher, Dac Nguyen. Clint Felminghan, Kshitij Sahni
Leader: Tim Fisher
Date: 13/12/15
Photos: Dac Nguyen. Clint Felminghan, Kshitij Sahni and Web (Lewis Fogerty:

Ranon Canyon is a part of an amazing system of deep, dark and spectacular canyons that I’ve heard called the ‘Carmethen Labrinth’. It is truely an adventure to explore with Mistake Ravine, Ranon Canyon, Thunder Gorge, Claustral Brook, King George Canyon and Explorers Canyon all accessible in close proximity and all tributaries of the same pristine creek – Carmethan Brook. The system is full life with countless Blue Mountains Crayfish. It has a kind of rare spectacular natural beauty only possible with inaccessibility, protection and the resultant absence of human impact.

We finished off the near 13 hour day with a feast of red wine, cheese and crackers back at the cars with new friendships made, ready to start the week with some very sore muscles and a lasting memory.

Thank you SUBW!