Party: Felix, Martin, ???
Leader: Felix
Date: 18/4/2015

With the theme song to “The Trap Door” still in my head, Michael and I made our way down Evans Lookout road avoiding the cars also heading down to the lookout. One of these cars slowed to a stop… it was Martin the third member of our small party. We jumped in and before long we where following the Horse Track into the Grose (which looked exceptionally blue today!).

We spent some time at a superb lookout at the top of the main descent. The track down was much more defined than I had expected – apparently a member from the Bush Club has been doing maintenance work on it. Passing through the cliff-line we came across a small brown(?) snake, which I found surprising considering it was getting late in the season. Entertained by some Lyre birds we continued down through the occasional lawyer vine to Govetts Creek. For some reason I was compelled to go downstream to Junction Rock, so we headed there for morning tea before retracing our steps along the creek-bank.

Shortly before the junction of Govetts and Greaves Creek we left the main track to look at a structure that had been built on the creek bank. The structure didn’t offend me (though others strongly hold the opinion that these kind of structures should be dismantled), but the rubbish strewn all over the place was a bit of an eye-sore… it looks like I have another clean up trip for the future!

We crossed the creek here, and then again after a small anabranch, soon locating a well established track that we would be able to use on the way back.
After some pleasant walking we reached the grand wall that the glen takes its name from (its visible from Evans Lookout!). This was quite impressive and the layered rock looked like it would be a great spot for fossils. Martin found one chunk that (possibly) contained fossilised plant matter.

We continued on to Edenderry Falls were another group joined us whilst we were sharing some lunch. I had a short swim, but it was much colder than I had expected, so I didn’t even get to check the depth to explore jump-in possibilities. Leaving our packs we continued to Hilary Falls which were also quite impressive. I again entered the water here receiving a battering from the water falling from above.

We grabbed our stuff and on the walk-back also collected a pack from a recent Jet Star customer (K. Robinson, December 2011) which had been stowed under a rock (we spotted it on the way in). This pack was coined “the Murder Pack” as it didn’t seem like an item that would have been intentionally been left behind.

We continued up Rodriguez Pass, Michael deciding that a short meditation under a waterfall was in order. As we continued climbing, we were glad the temperature had dropped.

At the top of Beauchamp we made the call to exit early, skipping the Grand Canyon.

Back at the car, we did a post-mortem on the pack finding the following items:

  • A bowl
  • Some money (equalling a free thick shake!)
  • A tub of petroleum jelly
  • aluminium water flask
  • Sleeping bag
  • towel

All in all a enjoyable trip with some exceptional weather!

Some photos from the trip (taken by Martin and I) can be found here: