Party: Chee, Natalie, Stephen, Peggy
Leader: Peggy
Date: 14/2/2015

On 14/2/15 we planned to do Castle Head and Malaita Wall, we did neither of these abseils today, but still all had a very good time.

We met up at Scenic World at 9am. We were on location for the Mailaita Wall abseil and Chee had done Castle Head a few times. The group made a decision on the spot that Malaita Wall was a more appealing option at this time. We were also more likely to finish a shorter abseil like Malaita Wall before the storm came. So we headed to the start of the first abseil. When we were there, we stumbled upon 2 commercial groups. Each group had 10 participants. From here, it didn’t look like anyone was on the Malaita Point abseil next door, so we went back up and headed for this abseil instead.

There was no one else doing Malaita Point during the time we were there. From here, we could see the other parties making their way down Malaita Wall.

We did 7 abseils today, and this included some long ones with a very nice view.

We couldn’t remember where the last optional tree swing abseil was, so we decided to get down first, then look for the base of the abseil. This worked out to plan, we found the bottom of the tree swing abseil and walked up to the top. We had a lot of fun with this abseil before walking back up to Scenic World.

We decided to have an early finish to the day and enjoyed a long coffee break at Scenic World before parting ways. Shortly after this, the storm came, perfect timing. If we had chosen a longer abseil and a longer day, we would have been affected by the heavy rain, which is no big deal but it’s always nicer to abseil with clear skies to enjoy the views.

An excellent day enjoyed by all.
Thanks to Nat for collecting and returning the ropes.

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