Party: Thomas Morey, Peggy Huang, Stephen Zaman, Ruby Stephens, Ian Lu, Marty Frappell, Mark Kabbara, Elizabeth Sharaq, Lukas Placek, and Tony Ruzek.
Leader: Tonly Ruzek
Date: 7/12/2014

Hey guys,
can’t believe this. It’s been going on in my head for the last week, and yes I had to leave it till last minute:(
My holidays starts in 2 hours (providing, I manage to catch my flight). So, just briefly ….

OK, arriving in 4 different cars (couple lone rangers, couple cars packed to the rafters), plus minus same time. The weather forecast was marginal, but it didn’t look too bad at all. As a group, we went to De Faurs Rocks lookout, set up couple ropes for some abseiling demos. Everybody had a go, we talked about self and team rescue scenarios, self belaying, autobocks, 2:1 and 3:1 pulleys, any handy tips for abseiling and canyoning in general.

We left the fire station couple hours later heading for Wollangambe 1 exit. Met 1 party who planned to lilo the first section and decided the water level was a bit too much. And no wonder. When we climbed down to the fast flowing, murky river, bank was pushed couple meters out of its normal. I’m thinking at least 1-1.3meters higher than previous weekend when we made it up stream from WDWDIITR. It would be much harder going now.

Anyway, sticking to our plan, we crossed on the other side of Wollangambe and walking up the ridge. The trail is still pretty easy to pick up even after last year’s bushfires. Once on the ridge, we couldn’t really see the drop down to our canyon, but it has never really been much of a track anyway. So, we dropped more all less where it seemed right, negotiated between couple cliffs, set up a quick hand line for one down climb. Made it to the creek short while after, when it started raining on us. To keep our clothes dry, we jumped in our wetsuit a bit earlier.

The canyon itself is a real beauty! Only 2-3 abseils but you’ll remember them:) We kept moving in reasonable pace, and got into our late lunch once hitting the river again. Couple hundred meters swim (taking caution not to get sucked where you wouldn’t rather be), and out the same way as we walked in.
THANKS EVERYONE FOR A GREAT EFFORT! Loved every bit of it:))

On a sad note, we had 2 no shows, you know who your are:( I understand there are emergencies, especially medical ones, but it doesn’t take long to text “not coming”. Your “driver” waited over 45mins for you, making himself late.

Here are Peggy’s photos: